Havana Houses

A path at the gates of the city.


Undoubtedly one of the pillars of the rescue and expansion of the Alameda de Paula, which is the floating walkway that will delve into Havana Bay, innovative project that is being a challenge for the restorers of the Office of the Historian of the City.


Alameda de Paula is a symbol for all Havana as it was the first path built in the capital. Completed in 1776, it was built by Antonio Fernandez Trebejo, commanded by General Captain Marquis de la Torre.  

But nor even such a monumental work is able to resist the ravages of time, which is why alongside the restoration of the Paseo de la Alameda, it´s planned  to include the Paula seaside path.


The work will have an initial T-shaped section, capable of challenging the sea outlet while communicating, from the impressive Focus of Light to the brewery in the old warehouse and Wood Snuff, which is more than 150 meters long and about 70 meters parallel to the bay.



The promenade intended as a public space where the visitors and the sea converge in an environment full of harmony. Using a floating structure consists of wetlands (kind of small for small tonnage boats dock), the edge of the wall of the jetty will be set through gateways and the seabed by tension to hold the position.

The work was conceived in two stages. Initially, the demolition of the three piers that were in the area, and afterwards, the Path will be placed with a floating breakwater, the purpose for which more than 6000 cubic meters of rubble were extracted.


The Paula Promenade will also have a perimeter rail and an area for visitors that will have common street furniture and vertical sun protection. The Gateways will have a different pavement in order to distinguish the area, while the connections will be through ramps.  All surfaces are anti-slide and textured and   according to contemporary standards of accessibility.


Havana, a city steeped in sea, will soon give us the Paula Promenade, a place that will provide the visitor with a unique space, where the boundaries between land and sea they are harmoniously mixed.