Havana Houses

What areas sell more?

Speculating it can be said that March 2014 has been a good month for the estate market in Havana. The custom for Cubans is to rely on the word of mouth rather than agencies, but now the mentalities are changing and more people are using real estate agencies to buy or sell their houses.


One of the areas in which more buy and sell operations take place is the Center of Havana (Centro Habana), then Vedado, Habana Vieja and Playa. Diez de Octubre, being one of the biggest areas of the capital and also the most populated, can be counted among the places for this kind of operations, as well as Habana del Este (mostly Alamar).


El Cerro has more offers of house swapping than buying-selling. In the rest of the areas, buying-selling operations are not that frequent, one of the reasons being the distance with the city center and the prices do not adjust with those conditions.