Havana Houses

Most Common Questions regarding Selling-Buying process

For buyers and sellers

1.-  Can a person own more than one house in the same category in Cuba?

 No. A Cuban person can only own one property of each category. The categories are permanent residence and beach/country residence. The one as a permanent reference is where the registers of living lay and the other one is the outskirts place for rest (beach/country).

2.- What does the concept for the property in the outskirts imply? 

 It is defined as the house outside the city center which is not permanently used to living, but resting with the family and friends. 

3.- What are the requirements for property trespassing?

3.1. - Be homeowner of a house/apartment and have domicile in Cuba.

3.2. - The property Deed must be registered in the Land Registry of the District where it is located.

3.3. - The Deed must contain the updated version of the house room distribution, including taxation made by the local architect.

4.-  When should a Deed be updated?

In case of mistakes, omissions of any kind regarding house description and valuation, or no limits  are stated or the valuation of the property. If some renovation that change the structure has been done or the description of the house does not match what really exists.  

A person must update the Deed to register in the Land Registry. The process is obliged to every citizen owning a property in Cuba and intends to sell, buy or donate his/her house.

Most Deeds updated before 2003 lack of certain elements that are requiered today. Therefore, it is necessary to start the process if you are in this case.

 5.- What are the steps to follow?

First, one must request the architect's services. The document provided by this architect must contain all limits, dimensions, rooms distribution, and the valuation of the property. If your Deed was not updated, you must present this architectural file to the Notary of the district and proceed to correct all mistakes included. 

 6.- How is the valuation of the house obtained? 

The property taxation is provided by the architect file. The architect has 30 days to deliver this information to the client. 

 7.- Who decides the price of the property for the sale process? 

The selling price is set by PEOPLE in Cuba. The price resulting in the valuation provided by the architect may not coincide with the asking price. The figure is the reference for tax payment when the buying-selling operation is carried out.